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[IP] If I knew then...Top Tips

1.     showering
      I disconnect my Animas and cover the opening on the infusion set
with its little plug (I use Comforts).  I usually bolus for how long I'll
be in the shower, in the mornings my basal rate is .6/hr so I bolus .2
for 20 minutes of being pump-less.
2.     exercise
      I adjust my carb:insulin ratio before exercise.  I am a 1:12 for
dinner, so if planning to go for a walk right after dinner (like 30
minutes afterward) I will bolus maybe 1:15.  For more strenuous or
longer-lasting exercise, you'll probably have to figure out your own body
chemistry and how it your blood sugars change over the next 8-12 hours.
3.     site adhesion problems/solutions 

4.     how to secure tubing

5.     sleeping

6.     amour

7.     accessories (paradigm or otherwise)


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