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Re: [IP] Re: If I knew then....Top Tips

Ok, I have a few words of wisdom(if you will ;)) I LOVED Jan's answer on
exercise, but unfortunately I need to go to the gym regularly or, well, you
know what can happen. As far as figuring out exercise, it takes a while(at
least it does for me) I check my b/s a minimum of 3 times, before, during
and after and the KEY here is to document it all!!! I look back a lot to see
how I dealt with certain things before etc etc.
Now on to Amour, as Jan said DO IT lol, sometimes I stay connected,
sometimes I dont, if I do disconnect, I bolus my basal for 1 hour and set a
timer, we are usually done before it goes off ;)
As far as accessories goes, I highly recomend ONE, the "Pumping Insulin"
book, other than that, its trial and error, I like wearing my pump in my
bra, something tells me you wont like that, then again, maybe you are like
Chris and do? lol
Well, I think thats it for now, good luck with the pump start up, and be
patient in the first few weeks of pumping, it can be a bit of a roller
coaster ride at first ;)(that is one thing I wish I knew before startin)
Tami in Tucson
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