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Re: [IP] How low can you go?

I hope it helps you to know that you are not alone.  This morning I
overslept for work, probably because I was low and this makes it that
much harder for me to get up. Took my bg and it was 40 mg.  I bit my
husbands head off...then had some juice....never had time to
eat...wouldve been late for work.  I packed my bread in my lunch, but
forgot the tuna. <lol>  Ate a breakfast bar as I was driving to work,
with a pounding head <another wonderful symptom from the low> and headed
into work....I know I need to critique my night time basals and do some
testing, but its difficult finding the time.  Thnx for listening. Julie
(in St. Louie.)  Puming for 5 months Minimed 508.

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told me 20 bg when I feel *low*. >When I get a serious shakey feelin' my
meter can say LO, >which is less than 20. I don't pass out. I'm not
functioning >too well, but I don't lose consciousness. I drink 1/2 cup
>of juice, sit down and wait. It's not great. It happens. >I'm not
posting this to compete or recommend it: Just saying >it's happened to
me. I hate it. It's awful. I do what I can >to avoid it. And it happens.
And so it goes with the big D. > >Lee - Mt. Shasta, Type1 32 years,
pumping one year
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