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[IP] Fasting

My religion has taught me to fast. From very young I have fasted regularly
for different reasons. When I was diagnosed 3 years ago with type 1 diabetes
I was told I wouldn't be able to fast anymore. I was taught carb counting &
realized ... if I don't eat I don't bolus ... why can't I fast, so I
I'm nearly always perfect when I fast. 90-130 all day. I go 24 hours without
food or drink & just let my basal provide me the insulin it always does. I
just don't bolus.
When I go to eat again ... look out ... I'm high for the next 24 hours. I
eat & bolus as usual. 2 hours later I'm high. I correct & within 24 hours
its back to normal. But I don't like being so high for that next day.
Anyone else have this problem? Or any ideas on what to do?
I'm afraid to increase the bolus for that time period for fear I'll drop low
but it seems that's my only choice.

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