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[IP] Sil Questions

Hi All,

 Last month when I upgraded to the Paradigm pump, I switched from Quicksets to
Sils. I purchased the silserter, as I am a big chicken and could never do a
manual insert! Here's the question/problem. Originally I was inserting too deep,
and have since made an adjustment to a more shallow insertion, but almost every
time I insert the sil using the serter, I have a heck of a time removing the
serter! It seems to be sticking under the set, and I am getting really
frustrated! Saturday I was ready to pull the whole set out, but when I gave it a
good tug to do so, the serter finally came loose. I don't know if I am doing
something wrong, or what. I read that most people don't like the sil serter, but
hope someone out there has a few words of advice. You are my last hope before I
call Minimed and trade all these sils in for Quicksets!

Terry Walkup
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