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Re: [IP] infusion sets (bleeding)

Hi April,

My daughter has used both the Silhouette (same as the Comfort and the Tender)
and the Quickset.  The only time she had any trouble with bleeding in 4.5 yrs
of pumping was twice when she had a 'Gusher' and once when we inserted an
infusion set too soon after she came out of a hot tub.  We avoid applying her
infusion sets if her body is very warm as the cannula will fill up with blood
due to her veins dilating as a result of the heat.  This is not a problem for
most, but is for Erica.  The only reason I mention this is I was wondering if
you were doing site changes after a hot shower and if you might be prone to
the same thing.  Just a thought.

Good luck.  The shorter infusion set might be just what the doctor ordered.
As time goes on you will also remember which areas of the body are more
receptive to the infusion set than others.


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