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[IP] Vacations and insulin

I just noticed the post about small refrigerators and the difficulty adjusting
the temps.
Since summer time and vacation time in warm climates is approaching it might
be a good time for us "oldies" to let the "newbies" in on the Frio.
It is a wonderful invention that uses evaporation to keep your insulin cool.
All you have to do is place an inner pouch, that seems to be filled with rock
hard crystals,/  in container/sink/ice bucket of tap water and let it set for
5-7 minutes. The crystals turn into a jell type substance. You place your pump
or insulin or syringes in this pouch and the items remain cool and unharmed.
There is a Frio specifically designed for the pump so you can hang it on your

If you are interested in this little gem I suggest ordering 4-6 weeks before
you need it. I have ordered three times. The first time it was June and it
took until mid August to receive the Frio. The next two times were in fall and
winter months and I received the product in a couple of weeks.

The address is:

The pump wallet does not list fitting the Animas pump, but Sara uses it for
hers and it fits fine.

Pam, mom to Sara, 16
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