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Re: [IP] Re: : IP out of control eating

> > I'll call my pump coach and see if I can adjust that limit.  I tried
> setting
> > the time in order to fool the pump.  But, that alone didn't work.  (I
> > an Animas IR 1000).  Perhaps if I had fiddled with the date too?
> >
> Chris, we just started on an Animas pump this spring.    About
> two weeks ago when Zachary had some virus we got the
> exceeded limit error too.     I just went into set-up and increased
> the daily limit total --  it allows you to set the number at  anything
> from 5units to 255 units per day for the total.     Instructions are on
> page 56 of the handbook.
> Sincerely,

Ooops should have mentioned in my last email that I started out with a 255
limit.  Thanks.

I am wondering if there is some way to re-set the date and time to trick the

The only other solution is to go to U500.

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