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[IP] 24 urine update

hi gang. Wanted to give a preliminary update. As you may know, Kevin had a 24
urine lastweek that came back extremely high for Protein and MicroAlbumin...so
we did a repeat. The doc said not to freak yet, cuz it could be a condition
known as "Postural Proteinuria." He wanted us to repeat the test this weekend.
At my request, we separated the 1st morning urine from the rest of the 24
hours...and we took it in today. GOOD NEWS...the first morning urine was
NEGATIVE. So, this may be the postural proteinuria. We are very hopeful.
Probably wont know more til tomorrow or Wednesday on the rest. Kevin does not
need one more thing!

Thanks for all of your comments and well wishes.

Mom to Kevin, 15, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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