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[IP] Precision extra Ketone strips

My insurance company would not pay for the Ketone strips and since they 
stopped putting them as extras in the glucose strips I had to find them 

I found them at  www.greencanyon.com  for $14.63 US.  This is a Canadian site 
and I live in the Midwestern part of the US.  They were prompt and courteous. 
 I paid for the strips with my MasterCard and did not have any problems. 

Please be aware that this address will take you to a "mother site" that also 
has an ADULT area called Blue Medina.  I am NOT endorsing this part of the 
site, only the green canyon part!!!

I found this site about 6 months ago and if anyone can find a cheaper site, 
PLEASE let me know!  Thanks,
Cee Dee
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