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RE: [IP] help... out of control eating/attitudes

Hi Gianna.

Geez, that's a lot of insulin you're taking there!  What the heck are you

I get the binge instinct around once a month usually while pms-ing and then
it's ususally for chocolate or something chocolate and chewy and guey.

Lots of times I'm satisfied with a weight watchers smart ones desert.  They
are pretty tasty and ditto with Healthy Choice Brownie something or other
ice cream.  Helps me stay away from fatty ice cream and has lots of yummy
chocolate in it.

Then there's the days that I want something greasy which plays total havoc
with my b.g.'s but I've gotten smart and buy the little one serving size
bags of potato chips just in case I want something like that.  Helps me from

To me, it's not worth it to binge and then have my b.g.'s go totally nuts.
I've got enough problems trying to keep them under control with hormones
raging all the time!

Lots of luck and try to binge on good and healthy stuff and as low fat as
you can go!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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