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Re: [IP] re: site change opps/Suspending

> Wayyyy back before there were such things as disconnecting sets (my first
> 10-15 years pumping) all we had was 43" tubing or that 43" extender that
> made 86" of tubing. I learned to hang a belt from the shower rod with a
> zipper vinyl bag hanging from it. Put the pump in there - or even hang the
> belt around my neck with the pump in the bag, and shower away.

Interesting.  My make do contraption was fairly similar to yours, except
that I used the Shower Paks MM provided (and since you were on a different
pump, those weren't available/didn't apply).  A few years later they came
out with the Sport Guard, which I bought in a hurry.  Ins. wouldn't pay for
the Shower Paks (apparently they thought it would be cheaper to replace the
pump daily after I bathed?  Or just have me NOT bathe.  There's an idea!),
and a reusable sport guard was less expensive than the Shower Paks, which I
reused a few times until I was afraid to.

The Sport Guard was a much better option than the Shower Paks, in my
opinion, and I continued using them and not disconnecting for a couple of
years after the Sof-Sets with the quick release were available.  But then I
figured it was the ins. company's money, so why not spend it?  Horrible, I

I am very glad that disconnection is an option; I think there are many
people who are open to pumping today who wouldn't have considered it without
that capability.  And I personally much prefer the freedom from keeping
track of it while showering/drying off.  But it really is possible to get by
without disconnecting -- even without a waterproof pump.  Many of us have
done just that!  (Obviously, some STILL do!)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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