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[IP] Re: pumping with R

I have to get in on this discussion.  When I first started pumping we went on 
a trip.  My Humalog was in the cooler on ice.  Well, the ice melted, the 
weather got very hot and yes, my Humalog--both bottles!--boiled or so it 
seemed.  I went to a local pharmacy and tried to get a bottle of Humalog, to 
no avail.  I resorted to Regular.  My blood sugars were a bit higher than I 
really wanted them to be but I made do with it for the month I was away from 
home.  My doctor said I was rather resourceful but that I should have called 
her to send a scrip to the local pharmacy--didn't know an out of state doc 
could do that!!!  Anyway, if I were to used R now I would increase my basals 
and bolus a little higher than with my Humalog----YMMV.

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