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Re: [IP] glucogun

In a message dated 5/3/03 2:29:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> >I got a call yesterday from Target that my glucogun came in.
> >>>        What's a glucogun? >>>
> Glucagon - it's what the body needs (Rx) injected into a vein to bring the
> BG up quickly - prompting the liver to give glycogen. Many people vomit
> after using this. I haven't had any in my fridge for over 20 years. Some
> children need it often. This is one good reason to test frequently - but 
> not
> always a convenient thing to do cuz life creeps in at odd moments. YMMV, of
> course.

       Thanks for the reply.  I know what a Glucagon emergency kit is, but I 
just thought maybe there was something new on the market!   ; )
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