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Re: [IP] Re: IP out of control eating

> > Twice this last week I have gotten a message that total allotment had
> > exceeded (It's like a bar tender cutting you off!)  It's been a real
> I got that alarm. Once. On a cruise. Just as I was about to fall asleep. I
> took that sucker and raised the daily allotment. LOL
> But I'm one of the "bingers," too. Once in awhile, I go nutzy eating.
> Probably more often than Gianna, not as often as Chris! LOL

Oh, I can put down some food if I'm having a "hungry day"!!!!!

I'll call my pump coach and see if I can adjust that limit.  I tried setting
the time in order to fool the pump.  But, that alone didn't work.  (I have
an Animas IR 1000).  Perhaps if I had fiddled with the date too?

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