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Re: [IP] pumping with R

Linda, do you suppose you would have this problem if you went back to using
H or N for your basals and injected your boluses?  This would be
inconvenient, and to be precise, you may need to take a bolus of, say, .3 or
.8 at meal times to compensate for the fraction of a unit you need for
carbs, but I'm wondering if the allergy problem wouldn't be such a problem
if you sort of spread out the insulin to different parts of your body,
instead of taking it all in one spot for several days, as the pump does.

This is NOT convenient.  I would HATE to do this if I were in your shoes,
because the wonderful advantages of pumping are considerably reduced this
way, but it is a thought as to how to deal with the allergy problem and be
able to pump, too, with an insulin analog.

So if you hate this idea and don't want to try it, I don't blame you, but it
is the idea I came up with.

I'm not sure of the cause of your troubles with the R, unless it is just not
timing your bolus right to go along with the meals.  Another thing that
helped me a lot when I was carb counting with R insulin was to figure in
protein in my boluses.  I multiplied the grams of protein times .6 and added
that into the carb total, and took a regular bolus for the whole amount at
meal times.  I found my blood sugars were much better a couple of hours
after meals if I did this, rather than just bolused for carbs without taking
the protein into account.

I hope one of these ideas (or somebody else's) produces a solution that is
workable for you.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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