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Re: [IP] help... out of control eating/attitudes

> Hello everyone, I seem to have this experience every once in a while -
> about once a month - that frustrates me to no end. I'm thinking it might
even be
> fairly common, but I'm wondering how other people deal with it: I'll be
> along really well, both in terms of blood sugars, exercise, counting
> carbohydrates the right way, just being really diligent in general,
> with the pump going fine...and then something will happen where one meal
> screw it up, but instead of being able to forget about it and move on, I

I wish I could say that it was once a month.  I guess perhaps I am like a
kid with keys to the candy store.  I will eat something and then bolus for
it.  Find something else?  Fine, have so more and bolus some more.

Well, my basals are now at 4.5 an hour and my bolus is one unity for every
three grams of carbs.

Twice this last week I have gotten a message that total allotment had been
exceeded (It's like a bar tender cutting you off!)  It's been a real pain.
One way I can see to deal with it would be to stop eating so much. The other
would be to start using the U500 insulin that I've been hearing about.

No, you are far from being alone.


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