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[IP] #257, about alcohol

Not to inflame you or the group but the phenomenon that I was talking about 
was repeated by this statement:
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 21:42:07 -0400
From: Miki Tracey <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] about alcohol

Not studies per-se, at least not whenever i ask about it.  but in my humble 
experience, if i consume alcohol most especially wine or beer, my insulin 
needs 8-12 hrs later drop tremendously.  I actually nearly died before i 
figured that out with the help of my disetronic rep.

I am convinced w/my experience that there can be dangerous drop in bg that 
can only be explained by  too much alcohol consumption at one time.(Being 
Drunk) Basal, bolus', and unused insulin, were not the catalyst in these bg 
drops. Of course let me stress that this is my experience and at least one 
others'  , but ymmv.

I tried to prove this phenomonon with an equation before. I got no reponse to 
that.  I have no hard scientific evidence, from you nor anywhere, to prove to 
me that this phenomenon  does not happen. The case and the phenomenon only 
happens with too much alcoholic consumption at once. Not responsible drinking.

This is an important question which need further tests can't we at least 
agree on that.
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