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Re: [IP] New Paradign clip

 In a message dated 5/3/2003 6:54:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi all, I bought the new clip for the paradigm pump about a month ago. 
> Today my daughter was outside playing (swinging) and the clip broke (the
> part where it clip on).  Has anyone else had this happen?  I think I am
> going to call Mini-med and see if they will replace it for 
> me, it should
> last longer and be better made I owuld think. Judy

 The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I called Minimed and they told
me that the clip was designed to break if it came under a lot of pressure so it
would not damage the pump itself. That was the answer I got so I ordered a new
clip. You may call and get someone different on the phone so it never hurts to
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