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[IP] help... out of control eating/attitudes

 Hello everyone, I seem to have this experience every once in a while - probably
about once a month - that frustrates me to no end. I'm thinking it might even be
fairly common, but I'm wondering how other people deal with it: I'll be going
along really well, both in terms of blood sugars, exercise, counting
carbohydrates the right way, just being really diligent in general, everything
with the pump going fine...and then something will happen where one meal will
screw it up, but instead of being able to forget about it and move on, I succumb
to this all or nothing mentality and find myself eating about five brownies at a
time before I know it. The other night this happened because I was getting ready
to go to dinner and ended up standing in line for longer than I thought, and
having a bit of a low blood sugar, which in turn made me feel like I was
starving - and upon sitting down to dinner I ended up eating way more than I
should have or would have normally. It's now taken m!
  e three days to get over the tendency or desire to binge on really
sweet/carbo-loaded stuff. Of course, my blood sugars have been awful. As I said,
this tends to happen about once a month. Has anyone else dealt with eating
issues like that? It seems like I never used to do this while on shots - but
that the "freedom" of the pump makes it easier to go overboard. Thanks

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