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Re: [IP] the 15 Rule for lows

Tasha posted:
>Hypoglycemia Protocol: 
>The Rule Of 15 

I ask:

What is your source for this?  If you are quoting I
would appreciate knowing from where &who is
recommending this treatment.

Depending on your ratio and your physician and/or CDE
and/or dietician's advice - this MAY OR MAY NOT be
appropriate.  It is definitely a YMMV situation.

Actually, that's what I was taught (by a Joslin CDE) in 1995: Eat 15 g CHO, 
test 15 minutes later, eat another 15 g CHO if BGs not up, etc. If more than 
2 hours until your next meal, eat half a turkey sandwich. No "YMMV" was 
specified. I think we have learned since that YMMV. However, "averages" are 
taught and deviations go from there after you learn how your own body works. 
I would not have thought to reference that one, either. And I doubt that I 
ever measured out 15 g CHO, either -- it was either "a small salad and glass 
of water sounds good" or I tipped the refrigerator into my mouth. LOL

Jan and ElvisToo
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