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[IP] Diabetes 101 & Aspartame

    There are alternatives to aspartame.  I use Stevia.
Here's what Healing With Whole Foods has to say about it:
Stevia rebaudiana, a small plant that grows throughout
Latin America as well as parts of the southwestern
United States, is becoming much sought-after for its
sweet leaves and flower buds.  It has been used for a hundred
years as a sweetener in South America and now has wide
commercial value in Japan, where it is put in everything
from soft drinks to soy sauce.  With thirty times the
sweetness of sugar, yet with negligible calories, this
herb is expected by Japanese researchers to be the main
natural sweetener in the future.
Because stevia is a whole herbal food, it contains other
properties that nicely complement its sweetness....
Stevia actually suppresses dental bacteria growth rather
than feeding it as sugars do.  Other studies have shown a
beneficial relationship between stevia and the regulation
of blood sugar levels...  No harmful effects have yet been
reported....  Stevia is increasingly available in the United
States as a powder or liquid extract in stores that carry
natural foods.

Lee - Mt. Shasta, Tpe I 32 years, pumping since 4/02

>I wonder how everyone feels about this.  Before I
>became a diabetic I stayed away from everything with
>aspertaine and other diet products.  Just as a general
>health concern.  Now that I need to have them I worry
>about it.
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