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[IP] Re: Diabetes Temporary??

> I know a high percent of people with CF develop type 1 diabetes but I've
> never heard that it went away.

 One of the effects of CF is to cause the mucous and other body fluids to be
thicker than normal. This causes problems with mucus gathering in the lungs and
in the ducts of the pancreas (through which digestive enzymes, not insulin
flow). When the ducts of the pancreas become completely blocked and enzymes made
by the exocrine portion of the pancreas cannot get out, people with CF need to
take digestive enzymes. I am not sure of this but I would expect that the
external surface of the pancreas might also become "clogged" or coated in mucus,
so that blood cannot come in contact with it and carry insulin and other homones
to the rest of the body. This would cause Type 1 Diabetes, but would not have an
auto-immune origion. It might be possible, if the mucus, or whatever is
preventing insulin from getting into the blood, were removed by natural or
medical means, for such a case of Diabetes to "go away". This seems unlikely,
however, as (I think - although I could be wrong)blockages of the pancreatic
ducts are usually permanent.

 Anyway, even if this girl is going to be "cured" of diabetes, 350's can have
negative long term effects and possibly land her in DKA and should be avoided -
does she have an endo?

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