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Re: [IP] Site Change opps

> I pulled up my shirt
> and sure enough there were 2. Now I'm not one to leave my sites in after I
> change them but somehow on Wednesday when I changeds sites I left it in
and made
> it to friday before I noticed!

I tried leaving my site in ONE time after reading about it being done
regularly by some people on this list.  One time.  And that time, I forgot
about it for an extra day or so, as well.

Because of that, I don't bother with leaving them in for two hours any more.
I'm too absentminded to only make it two hours!  But I rarely have a problem
with highs afterward, even on the rare occasion that some clear fluid leaks
out, so I figure why worry about it.

What's funny to me is the showering, etc., all without realizing that there
were two there.  Didn't you have to think about where to put it back on
after your shower?  Of course, if your site is in a different area entirely,
that may not matter so much, but I almost always just move an inch away from
the last one.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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