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Re: [IP] Re: How Low Can You Go?

> Now that we have the tools to prevent such things, I would advise
> the prevailing protocol for blood sugar ranges. If you are running at 38,
> could lapse into a sleepiness that ends up being a trip to the ER. Stay
> within the guidelines: Below 60 means you need some carbohydrates. Do it
> your family if not yourself.

Sometimes these things happen, even with the tools handy to try to prevent
them.  I can remember having some scary lows like that shortly after my
daughter was born, and a couple of frightening instances when I didn't know
if I could get up and get something for myself.  I was caring for a tiny
baby and a nearly four year old boy.

And early on in my pregnancies, I had a couple of such instances like that,
too, but not the ongoing recurrences even after lowering doses, etc.

Never did I fail to follow the prevailing protocol, but I still had bad,
scary lows.  It was all a part of getting my doses regulated while dealing
with pregnancy or lactation.

Now I'm dealing with the adjustments in the other direction.  My dosing is
quite similar to what it was before pregnancy, even though my daughter
hasn't been weaned yet.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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