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Re: [IP] Greetings and request for advice

> So my question is pretty obvious.  With so many choices for pumps and
> sets, which way do I go.  I would like to hear from users as to what is
> and bad.  I would like to make an educated decision and not just guess.

With the FDA approving pumps before they hit the market, you can be
confident that every pump out there is a good one.  What matters is
important to *you.*  We are all different, and I believe every pump
available is a great choice for the right person.  It is also probably true
that each one is not a good choice for a particular user.

Get information from the various companies.  A good way to be sure you're
getting information from all of them is to go to the IP website and get the
phone numbers of the various companies and call for information.  That's
what I did when I was making my selection.  (I tried email, but several only
responded after I called them.)  If one looks promising, call the company
and ask if a sales rep can show one to you.  You may even want to do a
saline trial with the one you choose, but since you are trying one out now,
that may not be necessary.

There are various things to keep in mind.  What is your total daily dose,
for instance?  If it is higher than, say 55 or 60 units at present, you
should probably not get the Paradigm, which has a small capacity reservoir,
only 140-or 150 units after filling the tubing, I think, but someone else
could correct me if I'm a little off.  (You typically change your site every
three days, and most would prefer not to have to change the reservoir any
more often than that.)

Do you spend a lot of time swimming?  Then you wouldn't want the H-tron plus
or the MM 508, which are not waterproof.  (Actually, though, I never worry
about that, because I need to suspend delivery if insulin if I'm getting all
that exercise swimming, but many people still need it.)

Do you want your pump to vibrate?  Animas doesn't offer that feature.  Do
you want it to beep AND vibrate?  I think there is a pump that can do that.
Possibly the Dtron plus?  If not someone correct me.

Do you want a remote?  Minimed pumps are the only ones that offer remotes
(though honestly, few people use them, other than some women who conceal the
pump in their bras, for instance).

Do you want it to calculate your dose for you based on how high your bs is
or how many carbs you plan to eat?  Get the Cozmo or the soon to be
available Amigo.

Want reminders to check your blood sugar and change your site?  The Cozmo
offers this.

Are you concerned about price, because of your co-pay or stingy insurance
coverage for DME?  Dana's pumps are the least expensive.

Do you not want to worry about a back up plan should something terrible go
wrong with your pump suddenly?  Disetronic offers both of their pumps as a
two for the price of one type deal.  They also offer prefilled Humalog
cartridges, whereas all other pumps require you to fill your own reservoirs.

Are you intimidated by electronic devices and prefer one that would be very
easy to figure out and use?  Animas is, in my estimation, the most user
friendly pump out there, at least among those I tried (which is only the MM
508, Animas, Dtron plus, and Cozmo).

And take a look at it.  Do you like how it looks?  Will it fit where you
want to keep it fairly easily?  (In a pocket, on your belt, etc.)

As for infusion sets, again, it is wise to ask for samples and try them out.
Most companies, other than MM, should offer samples at no cost to you.  Most
popular are the ones that go in at an angle (which makes it easier to use in
less fatty areas of the body).  Those are called by the names
Silhouette/Tender/and Comfort.  I personally prefer the Disetronic
Ultraflex, which goes in at a 90 degree angle.  MM sells some like this
called QuickSets, and ones that disconnect a few inches from the site called

If you have specific further questions, as well as questions for the users
of a particular one that interests you, don't hesitate to ask again.  We
prefer to avoid pump wars, saying that a model someone else is quite partial
to is bad, but it does help to talk to actual users, which is why we are

Good luck making your decision.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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