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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Sugar and More Sugar and Brittle Diabetics?

what you describe seems to me to be a TENDENCY toward brittleness

 Actually, I don't think that I do have a tendency toward brittleness ... I
think that because I eat and exercise at odd hours and have a great deal of
school related stress I simply don't fit into the patterns that doctors
perscribe. I have never again been called brittle, after returning to a
personalized care plan that I (or at that time my parents) and not my doctor
determines. Rather I have been told that my numbers can't and don't need to get
much better (although I do tend to get lows when my basal needs drop
unexpectedly). I think that when they say brittle, it just means that a person
does not fit into the generally prescribed treatment. It does not mean that they
have a greater tendancey to brittleness, but rather that they or their schedule
is not enough like everyone else's that they can get decent results using the
same type of regime as others. I don't see how anyone can live on a set dose of
insulin prescribed by their doctor and eat set amounts of carbs at meals.

 For anyone who thinks that they have a tendency toward brittleness, I would
seriously consider the effects of stress. I am a serious student and I find that
my basals are 1.5-2 times as high during school as they are over the summer and
breaks. My basals have also gone down since I developed "seinoritis" and decided
not to worry so much about school. My Endo said that he sees a trend with very
"high powered" students having more trouble maintaining steady BG's.

 Sorry, I don't think I was clear about the insulin allergy/immune response
part. I don't actually have a problem with this - I was just saying that
although I don't believe there are brittle diabetics, I recognize that this does
not mean that everyone who cannot control their BGs is not trying hard. I don't
actually know a lot about this topic but find it interesting because I never
heard of it off this list and I wonder how many people might have it and not

D.- 10years (since age 7.5),  MDI - 9.5 years, Paradigm Pump 11months
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