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[IP] Re: vitiligo and diabetes

My mom, who doesn't have diabetes, has had vitiligo on her face (as well as 
other places)  for several years.  The only thing she's ever found that 
covers it well is a product called Dermablend. She buys it at the cosmetic 
counter of a large department store. It comes in many shades and blends 
into the skin well. I just did a search on google and found their website:
You can find out where near you it is sold if you click on customer service.

>email @ redacted wrote:
>Does anyone suffer from Vitiligo.
>Is it useless trying to combat it.  From what I understand, it's useless
>especially if you are diabetic.
>I have it.  It is progressing.  I have tried creams, just a slight change in
>pigmentation, but nothing dramatic. ..........................
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