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Re: [IP] Type 1s, weight loss, and the pump

Hi my name is Terry. I'm so glad someone is going thru the same thing as me. 
Been diag. 3 1/2 yrs ago, been pumping about 2 yrs. and I feel the same exact 
way, catch 22 if i eat normal I would have great blood sugars, but I also eat 
like a pig to maintain my weight. I would like to be 5lbs more. It feels like 
insurance incase i get sick I would have a little weight to spare. My last 
a1c was 7.6 I know it should be better, but because I eat somewhat whatever I 
want , I dont think its that bad. I'm female 5ft4in and weigh about 122lbs. I 
dont understand because hemolog is supposed to make you gain weight. I guess 
alot of people diabetic and non diabetic wish they could do that . but I 
worry about it. I dont know what is worse better sugars and look anorexic or  
higher sugars and maintain a little fat. I wonder if the fact that we eat 
whater we want and your sugar spikes, maybe were spilling keatons and 
therefore cant gain weight??? Please reply                 thanks terry
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