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Re: [IP] let's get up close and personal

Uh, oops!  I know!  It was a low! Maybe it was a high!!! Yeah, that's the

I actually do know some shame.  It wasn't until I read some more "let's get
up close and personal"  messages that I realized that an alien had posessed
my body and manipulated my blood sugars to make me appear much more of a
goof-ball than I actually am!

You live in Xenia, Jan? This makes us neighbors.  Do you go to support
meetings? Whoa, now I'm getting way too serious.

Well, between my 40 BUNs and trying to come on to Tasha, it's been quite a
week.  I can promise, there is definitely more to come!


> > Chris, Behave!  She is married and going on a 15th wedding anniversary
> cruise
> > and WITH her husband!   But I am single and live in Xenia hey what's
> on?
> >   OMG is this off IP topic ?  Jan
> No!!!  This is TOO FUNNY to take it off list.  I am actually CRYING
> so hard!
> Is crying a symptom of a low?  How about laughing?  (Trying valiantly to
> stay on topic.)
> Kristen
> dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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