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Re: [IP] about alcohol

>Chris wrote:
>"I remember hearing once  that before insulin was
>discovered that a  treatment for diabetes was to drink wine."
>Not that I would necessarily recommend that other people do this (sure I
>would, but some people reading this site are under age), but for the last 20
>years I've been drinking 2 glasses of dry wine every day before/with dinner,
>and my total daily insulin dose is only 12-13 U. (My A1c is 6.5 and
>cholesterol/triglyceride levels are fantastic, too!) Perhaps there's a
>connection? I wonder if there are any studies on alcohol and insulin
>sensitivity. ??? --Mary R

Not studies per-se, at least not whenever i ask about it.  but in my humble 
experience, if i consume alcohol most especially wine or beer, my insulin 
needs 8-12 hrs later drop tremendously.  I actually nearly died before i 
figured that out with the help of my disetronic rep.

Miki Tracey
email @ redacted
"I think about Adam and Eve and I still believe she didn't get a fair trial"
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