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[IP] Re: water

<<Who thinks drinking lots of water helps control blood glucose levels.
I'm just wondering, because it works for me.  Just to drink lots of water
through out the day, and I notice my levels are not so high.>>

Last summer Claire (dm, age 8) was on an IV for dehydration.  After 24 hours, 
her body was getting pretty saturated, given by how often and how much she 
was having to go pee.  This was nighttime and her bg dropped really quite 
low.  I had to make her take some dextrose and I also cut back her basal.  
She stayed on the low side, which really surprised me, given how much extra 
glucose she was getting compared to normally.  She was inactive, in the 
hospital bed.  IV was taken out around noon, and it took about 20 hours to 
get her bgs and bolus amounts back to what I considered her normal range.  I 
think this was caused by the super-hydration of her body, as there was no 
other explanation.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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