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Re: [IP] pumping with R


The only real difference, aside from the timing of basal adjustments that
have already been mentioned, is that it is best to take your meal boluses a
half hour before you eat.  (I was really bad about this when I was on R.)

There shouldn't be a need to snack in between or do anything else any
different.  I started carb counting a year or so before H came out, and used
R the same way.  In my case, my doses, even, were identical, but I know some
people have to change when they change types of insulin.

I remember how wonderful it felt to be able to eat an "extra" snack when I
started carb counting.  Humalog didn't start that; carb counting did.  I
feel similarly about using a gram scale, because I can take the *amount* I
feel like, just like everybody else, too!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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