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Re: [IP] pumping with R

On Friday, May 2, 2003,  gail d <email @ redacted> wrote:

> The basics are the same as using Humalog or Novolog in
> the pump - except everything is further into the
> future.  Instead of 2 hours planning it's a longer
> curve for basals & boluses (I've forgotten most of it
> by now).  I still ate what I wanted, when I wanted -
> since the basic principle of the basal was the same.

OK, this is my problem.  If I set basals to cover me when I am not 
eating, the way I always did for Humalog and Novolog, then boluses do 
not cover the meals correctly (even though I often had to use extended 
boluses with the analogs).  I find that 3 or 4 hours after a meal, I go 
low,unless I let myself go well over 200 at the 2 hour mark, which I 
don't like to do.  Another problem is that the breakfast bolus starts 
working in about 45 minutes, but seems to have an even more elongated 
period of activity, so that the only sensible thing I have figured out 
to do (without adjusting basals to ones that require certain eating 
patterns) is to eat about 1/3 of the carbs 45 minutes after the bolus, 
and the other 2/3 a couple hours later.  This is not only complicated, 
but can be very inconvenient <gr.>.  I have also had a couple lows as 
long as 8 hours after the bolus that appear to be caused by the bolus, 
rather than the basal (there are lots of things going on, so I am not 
certain, but it really appears that way.)  You people who use (or used) 
R, do you have a quicker  onset and duration of activity?  Gail, you 
said you ate what you wanted, when you wanted -- but didn't you have to 
wait 40 minutes or so?  And did you still want it by then <gr.>?  See, 
I have gotten very spoiled with pumping.

> I missed why you are looking at using R in your pump?

LOL  With my obvious wild enthusiasm for it, i can see why you might 
ask.  I'm the one who had the itchy sites and the then the rashes and 
systemic allergy symptoms who has been "diagnosed" with an insulin 
allergy.  After trying, in turn, Humalog, Novolog, Velosulin, and 
Humulin R, I am now trying the pork Iletin II R, in the hopes that I 
won't react to that, and maybe the whole thing will go away after 
awhile. (No, don't tell me about changing preps, set, tapes, etc. -- 
been there, done that.)  It has occurred to me to just go back to 
injections, using R only and getting up in the night (the thought of 
trying ANOTHER insulin is a little off-putting at this point), because 
I don't think the pump is going to be much of an advantage for me when 
using R, and injections (so far -- haven't tried them as a regular 
thing) have been less uncomfortable than the sites.

And I can't decide how much the pain in my hand from the trigger finger 
that has  been through the maze of treatments and probably now needs 
surgery is involved in all this.  Hard to put too much effort into 
figuring out basals and ratios for a situation that, hopefully, is 
going to change soon.  I'm not having a good day.

Linda Z
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