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[IP] Finally Approved!!

I just had to send a little note to the list to let you know I have FINALLY
gotten approved for my new Cozmo. It will be in my hands on Tuesday morning...
as I write this its in the mail !!  I had a very long battle with my insurance
company trying to get them to authorize a new pump (about 9 months) and have
finally gotten approved!!  I am thankful that my HMO has made an exception in
my case and have allowed me to get this pump even though Deltec is not a
network provider.  They have made a special contract for me in order to allow
me to get this pump.  I have to say that after months of frustration its nice
to see things are FINALLY working out.  I will also be getting the new version
of the software at the end of this month as they are currently working on an
upgrade for the "My treatment Assistant".

Just wanted to share some good news..


Soon to be retiring my Htron Plus and Pumping with an Ocean Blue Cozmo!!
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