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Re: [IP] New BD Meter

 I have no idea why I received the BD Logic for free with my paradigm, but I
love the meter and would love to get my hands on another one. The strips are
expensive (but with my insurance I pay $5 for 200 strips). A lot of the
pharmacies around me didn't have the strips and one special orders them for

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I am curious about this new meter. I am supposed to be getting my first
insulin pump in a few days (maybe, Ive been waiting three or four months now
for medi-cal to approve it!). My MM rep told me everyone getting a paradigm
will also be getting the BD Logic for free. My question is why (not that Im
complaining)? The BD website says nothing about MiniMed and the MiniMed
website says nothing about the BD meter. I know that the Paradigm is
supposed to 'talk' to the BD Logic, right? Whats up? Im confused, and Im
not even low!
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