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[IP] about alcohol

Hi Chris,
 Yep that's right. I also heard from a colleague that they did this during
Hurricane Andrew for people who couldn't get any insulin. Of course, it only
works for a little while and then everything goes to **** in a handbasket from
the absolute insulin deficiency. The blood glucose will also rise from the carbs
in the drink itself so it is a fine balance. Not to mention the difficulty an
intoxicated person with diabetes has in recognition of hypos. Even people around
you might overlook unusual behaviors.

Hi Leigh!
I am certainly not going  to argue with someone who has a "black belt" in
Diabetes. <G>
But, I do have a question.  I remember hearing once  that before insulin was
discovered that a  treatment for diabetes was to drink wine.  My
understanding is that it keeps the liver busy and it doesn't put out
However, I also heard that more than one or two glasses will make blood
sugars rise from the carbohydrates in the drink.
Am I in the ballpark?
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