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Re: [IP] pumping with R

> OK, and how do you pump with Regular insulin?  Do some people find
> it doesn't have a later peak (it certainly seems to for me -- or at
> least a longer peak that doesn't march even my somewhat delayed
> digestion).  Do you adjust your basal to take care of it, and then
> have to eat meals at the same time every day?

The timing of basal "changes" is different than with a fast acting 
insulin analog, but the rates are the same. Generally, changes to 
basal rate must occur and hour or two before you would like to see 
the effect. Take a look at the BASAL RATE simulator on the HOWTO page 
of the web site. I can be set for Regular or Fast Acting insulin. I 
will give you a good idea of what to expect when basal changes are 
made for a typical person.

"Insulin Pumpers Basal Rate Estimator"

Bolus amounts for meals must be planned 30 minutes or so prior to 
eating in order to avoid a high caused by digestion before the 
insulin has time to absorb. This cuts down a bit the freedom to 
"graze", but otherwise does not change management routine.


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