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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed

 My insurance cmpany is Cigna, but I also apparently have Gentiva (did not know
this until I called MM and found out that having Gentiva is why I got the remote
control covered). I have only been pumping for 3 weeks, but it went through veru
smoothly for me. I was on the pump about 2 weeks after I made the initial call
to MM to start things.April

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For much of my second year of pumping, my supplies did not get paid for over 7
months. Minimed blamed insurance, and the medical supply house blamed
Minimed. All the other MM customers in my HMO had the same problem.
They always sent emergency supplies if I needed them, however.
Now I am with Gentiva also, and it took numerous phone calls to get the ball
rolling. I finally did get my order, but it took some work. Minimed left the
paperwork sitting on the desk, Gentiva had the info they needed (this verified
by my Educator and my own call to Gentiva.)
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