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[IP] pumping with R

OK, and how do you pump with Regular insulin?  Do some people find it 
doesn't have a later peak (it certainly seems to for me -- or at least 
a longer peak that doesn't march even my somewhat delayed digestion).  
Do you adjust your basal to take care of it, and then have to eat meals 
at the same time every day?  On MDI, I took NPH at night and only 
regular during the day, and still had to eat snacks.  It boggles my 
mind trying to figure out how I would do this the way I have been 
eating in recent years, several small meals a day which sometime 
spreads out to many boluses.

Yes, I have the 2nd ed. of Pumping Insulin, and am studying it from 
this vantage point.

It was only after starting pumping (which was after Humalog came out) 
that I really learned to eat when I was hungry, not when the clock (or 
hypoglycemia) said it was time to eat. Are any current R pumpers, or 
any of you long-term pumpers who used to use R, able to actually do 
this on R?

Linda Z
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