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[IP] Minimed

I have been using the Minimed Paradigm pump since January of this year.  
About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I ordered new supplies since I was down to having one 
month of supplies on hand.  In my particular case, Minimed uses a company 
called Gentiva for billing with my insurance company.  Anyway, I had not 
heard anything from Minimed so I called them on Wednesday.  They indicated 
they had faxed an authorization request form to Gentiva on April 15 but had 
not had a response.  They re-faxed the form on Wednesday of this week and I 
have been unsuccessfully trying to get a status update on what's going on 
with my order.  I also called Gentiva directly but had to leave a message 
for someone.   Has anyone else had this kind of experience with Minimed?  It 
seems to me that if I'm going to pay the kind of money involved with a pump 
and supplies, the company behind it should do a better job of administering 
orders, other than just faxing a form to their billing company.  I really 
liked the service I had from Minimed at first but now I'm beginning to 
wonder....  Just curious if anyone else has had this kind of experience.  
Thanks for any feedback offered.


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