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Re: [IP] Re: Sugar and More Sugar and Brittle Diabetics?

On Friday, May 2, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

>  I have always eaten whatever I want (except when I used R not H)

LOL  You must be a lot younger than I am -- H hasn't actually been 
around very long, from some of our perspectives <gr.>.

But I think your general point is a good one.  If the definition (as 
per Barbara B) is that brittleness has to do with actually having the 
wild blood sugar "excursions", it can often be avoided with enough 
knowledge and effort.  Of course, many of us grew up without having the 
tools to do that, even if someone, somewhere did have the knowledge.  
But what you describe seems to me to be a TENDENCY toward brittleness, 
and I think that having that is also a meaningful distinction to make.  
A lot of people don't seem to have it, or have it under only certain 
circumstances.  I, also, keep normal HA1c's, even during menopause (but 
only with a tremendous amount of work), and I find it easiest to just 
say to medical people that I am brittle, so they know that I have the 
kind of diabetes that is going to require a lot of effort to keep under 
control.  So far, my making that distinction has seemed to be 
meaningful, but if medical people are now using the term brittleness to 
only refer to people who have DKA and ER trips, maybe I want to make a 
finer distinction.

And, as someone who is dealing now with what seems to be an insulin 
allergy, did you have  any particular information about insulin 
antibodies?  I am generally using a whole lot more insulin than I ever 
remember doing before, but every time I try a new insulin, I seem to 
return to normal for a couple days, then go up again.  I can understand 
why insulin antibodies could cause the need for more insulin by binding 
it and making it unavailable, and I can understand why the antibodies 
might not be active the first few days of a new insulin, but I don't 
understand why some doctors are saying that antibodies can also cause 
lows when the insulin is not changed.

Linda Z
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