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[IP] re blood testing sites

Peter wrote-
  Susan, You saying that your fingers remain sensitive for days makes me
wonder if you are using the ball (or tip) of the finger? Just in case you
haven't heard that the ball or pad of the finger is the most sensitive and
therefore the most uncomfortable part to get the blood sample, here are some
other areas. There is usually much less of an ouch at the sides of the tip(
between the ball and the nail). Another site to get a sample is the area on
top of the finger between the nail and the first knuckle. This is a little
trickier and requires a more shallow poke. Warm fingers are a real help in
this area.
    Did I interpret your message correctly?     Peter

Years ago I did use the tips or balls of my fingers, but read about using
the sides of the fingers years ago. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago the pharmacy I
use had a special. Turn in your old meter; get a "new" one free. They had a
time specified to do this. I went. I was the only "young" person there, same
as sitting in the doctor's office waiting to get a flu shot, ha ha. The
pharmacist tested your blood and taught you how to use the meter. I was
maybe third in line and by the time it was my turn, had 3 or 4 people behind
me. He kept saying, " This new autolet is painless!" as he used it on
everyone. I got a dirty look from him when I let out a loud OW! when he
pricked the side of my finger, :). I read about using the first joint under
the nail last month in IP but it feels very bony, no flesh. Someone also
told me last month that they use the fleshy part of their palm under the
thumb to test, but they have one of the new meters that uses a very small
sample. How many other people out there rush to get their meter and test
when they scratch a bug bite or sore and it bleeds or when they cut
themselves by accident?!? Thanks for the help Peter! I really need a new
meter and I should also look at all my jabbers and use the one with the
smallest lancet when I use my fingers as a test site! YMMY- Susan
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