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[IP] Re: Junk Mail

>>[IP] Junk Mail re Diabetes
>Gail Said:
>>I suddenly am receiving unsolicited junk mail
>>regarding diabetes on this e-mail address.  I do NOT
>>receive any *other* junk mail at this address.
>>Is it possible that *someone* on this list has
>>harvested names and e-mail addresses????
>I'm thinking you're right.  I've been getting handfuls of messages 
>on a daily basis about all kinds of D-related stuff.  I don't 
>subscribe to any other lists or pubs, either.

Let's think of another possibility, it could be someone outside of 
this list.  Say a member were to Forward an email that you wrote to 
someone else off-list, and if they didn't clear your address from the 
Forward, you could have ended up on someone else's spam list.  No way 
to protect, or even 'detect' how that happened.  This is one of the 
adjunct rules of Netiquette; when Forwarding an email, delete all 
exposed addresses.

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