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Re: [IP] Re: Junk Mail

At 07:49 PM 5/1/2003 jspock @shore.net wrote:
 >>[IP] Junk Mail re Diabetes
 >Gail Said:
 >>I suddenly am receiving unsolicited junk mail
 >>regarding diabetes on this e-mail address.  I do NOT
 >>receive any *other* junk mail at this address.
 >>Is it possible that *someone* on this list has
 >>harvested names and e-mail addresses????
 >I'm thinking you're right.  I've been getting handfuls of messages on a
 >daily basis about all kinds of D-related stuff.  I don't subscribe to any
 >other lists or pubs, either.

It's not coming directly from us because we don't share our membership list 
with anyone. However, if any IP subscriber who is affiliated with a company 
ever signs up any of our members (without their explicit consent) to their 
company mailing lists, they will have their membership immediately 
terminated!! And, we will also report that person's illegal activities to 
their corporate headquarters for violations of our antispam policies.

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: