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[IP] Re: Body heat....

<<A> nyone have authoritative information on whether or not body heat
> affects insulin's effectiveness when wearing the pump (Animas) in one's
> bra for more than 3 days (not nights)?   I'm wondering if I should fill a
> cartridge with only 3 days worth of insulin as we move into warmer
> weather>>

This isn't authoritative, just our experience...  My daughter likes to keep 
her pump right next to her body, inside her undies.  Her choice.  She has 
been doing this for a year and a half.  At night the pump is pinned into a 
sock.  We refill the cartridge every 8 days and have not had any problems 
that I can say have come from the temperature.  She uses Novolog, which can 
take higher temperatures than Humalog.  Our summer weather is generally in 
the 90s (mid-30s C.).  (H-tron pump, glass cartridges)

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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