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Subject: Re: [IP] about alcohol

I believe your right mostly about alcohol not consuming carbs and I 
appreciate your explanation about how carbs and alcohol can't break down at 
the same time. I always bolus for alcohol. I also suggest eating before 
drinking,  I stated that when you have too much alcohol and are drunk then 
the alcohol eats the carbs. I still think this is true, but to be more clear 
the alcohol breaks down and consumes the sugars which were once carbs. This 
will bottom out your bg when you've had too much . This is proven by the 
formula : Sugar + yeast = alcohol + Co2,  
this happens when your drunk, not when your drinking responsibily. 

You have assumed in your theory that insulin is peaking, I never assumed 
that, and can say with me that hasn't been the case. You can have a good bg, 
or even high bg, not bolus, have no residual insulin left at all, get drunk 
and go low. 

"Leigh Steed" <email @ redacted>
 Subject: Re: [IP] about alcohol

   Alcohol doesn't consume carbs. The danger is in drinking and not eating at 
the same time. Your liver cannot process alchohol and create new glucose
(gluconeogenesis) at the same time. If you are not getting new glucose into 
your bloodstream from food digesting while you are drinking, then insulin 
that is
peaking has nothing to work on and you can go low. Some types of drinks have
enough carbohydrate to cover this problem, but be careful taking a lot of
insulin while drinking especially if you are eating minimally. Much better 
to test frequently and then correct.
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