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[IP] Re: Sugar and More Sugar and Brittle Diabetics?

 if at anytime a person needs to get off the pump for what ever reason and go
back to shots, the days of eating whatever you desire will get you.
 I use to wonder why some doctors would use the word Brittle Diabetic. Now I
know where it comes from.

These posts are from almost a week ago but I just have to respond.

 I have always eaten whatever I want (except when I used R not H). On Humalog
and NPH I ate whatever I wanted. I could not eat whenever I wanted because
humalog takes 30min to start working for me, and I could not and did not always
want to take a shot. As a child I ate icecream, chips, candy, pizza, cookies and
chineese food and all that other children ate (although I also ate a lot of
healthy foods). In 10 years my HbA1c's remained between 5.8 and 7.2. For the
past ten months I have done similarly using the pump and have had HbA1c's of 5.1
and 5.4. I average about 50 units of Insulin a day.

 I have never been in DKA and never used glucagon. Sugar did not make me a
brittle diabetic. Using the pump did not allow me to cover sugar more easily. It
lowered my A1c b/c it allows me to correct my blood sugar to 75-80 rather than
100-120 and to correct for numbers 100-120 by using fractions of a unit of

 I don't think there is such a thing as a brittle diabetic. I have a friend who
is brittle. That said she doesn't count carbs ... or even use her "exchanges"
 When I was younger my parents used to wake up to give me a shot at 3am to cover
my dawn effect and to test me every night. They changed how much insulin I took
almost every day, depending on how it had effected me the day before. I picked
up these practices when I was old enough. I am not called "brittle" because I do
a lot of work not to be.

 I know this because about a year after diagnosis, my doctor told my parents
that my HbA1c's were some of the best he had seen for a child my age and they
did not need to wake up in the middle of the night to give insulin. He made them
agree to try relaxing my care for three months, because no other parents did so
much work and it was not necesscary. Three months later he told them they could
start doing those things again because it seemed I was VERY brittle (BG's always
either high or low)!

 I don't know, maybe some people can't eat sugar ... but it seems that many just
aren't willing to do the work that eating as they please requires. Of course if
people are working hard and can't get things to go right then maybe I'm wrong
... although I think that insulin antibodies are interesting and could be
frustrating many people's attempts at control.

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