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Re: [IP] Looking to swap a One Touch Ultra for the new BD Meter

 I also love the new BD meter. I received it about 3 weeks ago when I started on
the Paradigm pump. I have an InDuo metter that I was using prior to this so I
have that as my backup, but would love to get my hands on another BD Logic meter
for a back-up. I have a few old meters sitting around, but never want to use
them again because of how out of date they are.April

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I love the new BD meter. BD's marketing trick sending us Minimed customers 
a free one worked ! Much less blood required and NO MORE E-5s!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like a backup BD meter. I have a One Touch Ultra that's in the box 
(never been opened) that I'm willing to swap for your unused BD meter.

Please e-mail me privately if you are interested.



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