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[IP] Re: who should be doing the work?

I know this response is a tad late but my computer got hit by lightening and 
I am just now catching up on posts!

Back when I was diagnosed my parents had no insurance!  So, the 30 days was 
paid entirely by my parents.  Oh, I fought giving my own shots but had to do 
it in the end.  I remember bribery helping me make the decision to try!!!  I 
still, after all those 40 years, am slow with the poke!!!  Even my site 
changes, I cannot imagine just jabbing it in.  Hmmm, maybe it wouldn't be 
quite as bad if I just jabbed it in, huh?
Also, on another note, the only other time I was hospitalized as a kid, I was 
13 and again, the month long stay and no insurance!!!!  Yes, Dad paid for 
that stay also.  

I know the young ones cannot do the fixing of the syringes and such--I have a 
6 y/o and cannot even fanthom her doing something like that but I think she 
could actually give the shot.  I agree, site changes can be a bit scarier 
than an injection.  

I do hope I didn't come across as an old coot who thinks children should not 
be helped out with their daily hassles of diabetes.  My children--all 5--are 
definitely molly-coddled!!!  They do take care of their own laundry--except 
the 6 y/o and help do dishes and other household chores as well as the 14 y/o 
does the grass and helps with the flowers and gardening.  I have great 

Ok, enough said before I get in trouble on here!!! LOL

Debbie and Maggie IP
3/63 dx
3/00 pumping
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